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For over four decades, Shular Hospitality, a division of Shular Companies, has provided quality accommodations and helped create memorable experiences for thousands of guests. Our passionate team is committed to 1) making every guest feel welcomed, 2) making every guest glad they stayed with us, and 3) making sure we have done all we can to make each and every guest feel cared for and appreciated. Hospitality is more than just part of our name.

The Shular Hospitality portfolio of hotels range from affordable family friendly properties in popular destinations, to corporate properties focused more on catering to the needs of the corporate traveler, to very upscale condominium resort & spa in the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains designed for everyone simply wanting to relax, rejuvenate, and renew.

When your travels take you near any of our fine hotels along the coastal region of Alabama, or along the Mississippi Gulf Coast, or into the foothills with all the fun and excitement of the Great Smoky Mountains, or to the high desert of New Mexico, we hope you’ll consider one of our 17 hotels.

For more information about our properties, please see the information about each below.

Because of our commitment to quality and our focus on the total guest experience, our properties continually are voted by guests to receive top honors, in their respective franchise families.

  • For every customer, provide real value, true service, and memorable experiences.
  • For every team member, provide leadership, opportunity for advancement, a safe work environment, and rewards commensurate to contributions.
  • For everyone we do business with, engage in honest dealing and fair practices.
  • Through hard work, dedication, and by application of these principles, we will create profits to sustain our vision and mission for the benefit of our families and our community.



Our company is Outward Focused. We feel that both personal success (the individual success of all our team members) and the success of the company as a whole is determined by how well we maintain our focus on serving our customers by exceeding their expectations in every way. This Outward Focus drives our success. Our Outward Focus is exemplified in Our Core Beliefs:

Value 1) Everyone is Important – Each member of our team is valued and is important to everyone’s success. Each customer is important to our success. We work to create an atmosphere or “culture” that fosters the personal satisfaction of all team members, leading to long-term employment and to team members wanting to do a good job. We work hard at exceeding the expectations of customers, thus creating customers who want to return.

Value 2) Treat Others with Respect – Each Team Member is encouraged and expected to “Treat Everyone with Respect and Courtesy,” whether co-workers or customers. By treating everyone with respect and courtesy we can achieve two important results: A) we create or instill a sense of well-being and satisfaction in others, and B) we can attain a feeling of honorable pride in our actions, which adds to our own personal satisfaction and sense of value.

Value 3) Be a Good Steward – We work hard to maintain what has been entrusted to us. This concept applies to our job, of course, but it also applies to our community and our world. Our effort at work drives us to maintain hotels in a “like new” condition. We strive not to be wasteful, “do more with less,” encourage thrift, and teach the importance of our personal environmental responsibility.

Value 4) Be a Student of Your Work – Pursue knowledge that will help you consistently improve your performance and career. Innovate, create, and improve each day at work and in life. Questions are the windows that open to knowledge. Be open to change because change is the only constant in both business and life in general.

Value 6) Serve Unselfishly & Share Your Knowledge – Serve your team and your guest without any expectations in return. Be humble. Freely give your knowledge and wisdom to help those around you grow in position. Be an asset to those you work with.

Value 7) Have Passion – Believe in yourself and your teammates. Approach everything you do with passion and excitement.